Axel Bastion 1

Axel Bastion 1 is the first part of the story of the City of Sorrento. This is the first part of the story of Axel Bastion, a ruthless gang leader intent on ruling the city.

A house with a red pinewood door could easily be seen from a short distance. The door led into a quaint white walled home with a small lawn in the front. The home likely would have belonged to a recently started family or retired elderly couple. Three men, dressed in slim black suits and white collared shirts walked up to the door with care and discretion.

“Go, Larry,” said one, his voice quiet and low pitched. They all drew a handgun from their inside suit pockets and aimed at the door as Larry picked the lock and slowly pushed it open. They moved inside cautiously, one after the other. The men moved into a small living room with a dusty coffee table and a couch, some other furniture lay strewn about the room, though most of it seemed unused for years. “Stay together and move quietly,” the man whispered.

As they began walking to the single archway in the room another man suddenly appeared from around the corner. A shot rang from his direction and Larry fell to the ground clutching his side and wincing in pain. Immediately the other two men began firing in the direction of the archway, but the shooter had already turned the corner. One of the intruders reached down to help Larry, but he was turned away as Larry stood and motioned for them to continue onward--despite the small amount blood dripping from his side.

As they entered the hallway they were ambushed from both sides and all but Larry had been disarmed. Larry panicked and made a movement to fire his weapon, but he reacted too slow. The ambushers held Larry’s partners as shields. Larry surrendered his weapon and willingly moved into a room on the left with the others. This room contained no furniture, just a hardwood floor and a maroon painted wall. As they were pushed to the ground, one of Larry’s partners resisted and spun around uppercutting his captor in the jaw. The man stammered back, but quickly regained himself and swept the intruder’s legs, sending him to the floor. As the intruder fell, his captor--wearing a skin black shirt and slim black pants--grabbed his head and twisted it, instantly killing the intruder. At that moment Larry subdued himself and knelt down voluntarily with his hands up, cringing at the small wound on his side where the bullet had grazed him.

“Very well, I think we’ve set a precedent,” said a stern, confident, voice. A large silhouette appeared in the doorway and moved ever so sluggishly into the light, as if he was intentionally trying to build suspension. His left leg came first, it was garbed in the same black pants as the men who attacked the intruders. Next was his torso, again dressed in the same type of tight shirt as the attackers. From there the man paused, never letting his face touch the light.

In that moment a shot fired and Larry’s remaining partner’s head slouched to the floor; a gun fell from the man’s hand and blood began to pool around it. “Now, we can’t have me dying just yet. Can we?” said the man wiping his drawn gun with a handkerchief and putting it back in the holster. “Tell me, why is it that you are the only one who has given into us so easily?” his voice now seemed endearing and calming, as if it were trying to pull Larry in and console him from the loss of his friends.

“Axel. . .” Larry began, but his voice trailed off.

“Come now, give me an honest answer,” Axel went on, “You come here to kill me and you just give up because I gained the advantage? You know, if you had been more capable your friends here might have lived and I would be in their place. Yet, now here we are. You’re outnumbered and outgunned. If you thought you had no hope when you first broke into my house, I would like to think you’re soiling yourself right now thinking about how this might be your end?”

Larry said nothing. He only stared at the ground and listened to Axel speak.

“Get him out of here. He disgusts me. At least these two here had the balls to attempt to finish me off. But you’re just there, lying on the ground trying your hardest to hold back tears.”

The man holding Larry pulled him to his feet and pushed Larry towards the door. The rest of the men moved along with them to the living room. Larry stood at the doorway looking back at his captors, in disbelief.

“Now Larry, you didn’t think I would just kill you without a fight. No, that would be barbaric. However, I will leave you a gift before you I let you flee in terror,” Axel then slashed at Larry’s upper thigh with a knife and pushed him out the door into the yard.

“Boy, that wound has cut a major artery on your thigh. There’s an emergency medical facility 3 minutes walking distance just north of here. If you run they might have time to save you,” Axel remarked in a menacing voice. Larry limped off as quickly as he could in what he thought was North and Axel closed the door behind him.

“Jin,” Axel spoke to the man on his left, “dispose of the bodies in the usual manner and get this place cleaned up. We have guests coming over.”

“Yes boss,” Jin, a large man responded and hurriedly left the room, leaving Axel to his thoughts.